Enjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed siteEnjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed site

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Enjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed site

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July 27th (Sat) 2019 ※Details to be determined
Eniwa Sanshikai Fireworks Festival※ Information is last year’s.

The Eniwa Sanshikai Fireworks Festival attracts many people every year

Eniwa's Multi-Purpose Open Space is lined with a variety of food stalls and is host to many events, including a lucky draw before the night falls. The main event lights up the night sky with a display of 3,400 fireworks! The breathtaking and beautiful blossoms of light include special firework types, like the “Niagara Waterfalls” and “Star Mine". ※ There is no parking lot. Visitors are recommended to use public transportation.

Period July 27th (Sat) 2019 ※Details to be determined
Time 7:45pm - 8:45pm (The 9th Eniwa Sanshikai Festival 12:00- )
Place Eniwa Multi-Purpose Open Spacea
Adress 4 Sakuramachi, Eniwa


An astounding 3,400 fireworks!

The 9th Eniwa Sanshikai Festival
The 41st Fireworks Festival
12:18pmCandy Shower
12:30pmDrum and fife band performance (Kindergarten Ehon-no Mori)
12:50pmHip Hop Dance (Central Fitness Megumino HIP HOP team)
1:05pmSocial Dance (Dance Produce Okabe)
1:20pmGirls Hip Hop (SATOMIN Dance School)
1:30pmKids Cheer Dance (Central Fitness Megumino Kids Cheer Dance POM family)
1:50pm Hula (Pilialoha)
2:05pmEniwa Cheer Dance Club (PRIMROSE)
2:20pmHip Hop Fance (Pasta Heads)
2:35pmHula (Riko Maunaloa Class)
3:00pmStruck Out Game
4:05pm Band (Attraison Detre with Vermilions)
4:25pmFrisbee Dog Show
4:40pmAnime Song (Yuki & Karin Kanda)
4:55pmHip Hop Dance (T-max crew)
5:10pmBaton Twirling (Ripple)
5:20pmHula (Hula Studio Moana)
5:40pmSanshikai Lucky Draw
6:35pmDance (TEAM ONWARD Megumino)
6:50pmContemporary Dance (Team Maiken)
7:05pmYosakoi Soran (Eniwa Benigarasu)
7:25pmPerformance (Eniwadake Drums)
※ The schedule may suddenly change.
※ There will be 30 food stalls.
※ Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.

Program Info

The 9th Sanshikai Festival

There will be around 30 food stalls, a lucky draw where participants can have a chance to win travel coupons, a Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner, or a PlayStation 4 PRO video game system. On top of that, visitors can enjoy the many fun events, festival games, and stage performances.

The 9th Work Experience for Kids

Local companies and groups offer work experience events for kids. Try something new this summer!

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Eniwa Sanshikai Fireworks Festival Committee

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