Enjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed siteEnjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed site

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Enjoy the charm of Eniwa, a tourist information packed site

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Eniwa Tourism Videos  Nature Version

Tour around popular tourist spots in Eniwa and relax with your family or friends.

"Visitors can soak up healthy negative ions from the three falls in Eniwa Valley,
or even experiencing farm life, such as trying your hand at milking.
A roadside rest area is located in downtown Eniwa, where you can find many local products, nice souvenirs, fun things to do.
Then as the sun sets, the last thing to do is to have a nice coffee break at one of the local
cafes to reflect on the precious memories of the day."

  • 1Hakusen Waterfall, Rarumanai Waterfall, Sandan Waterfall

    These are 3 very unique and popular waterfalls.

  • 2Murakami Farm

    Let's enjoy daily farm experiences such as feeding and milking

  • 3Road Side Station "Flower Road." Eniwa

    The station is surrounded by Eniwa's colorful flowers, green nature, and clear water.

  • 4Cafe Fukuza

    Relaxing in a cafe surrounded by nature.


Come to Eniwa to see what's all the excitement about!!

Hakusen Waterfall, Rarumanai Waterfall, Sandan Waterfall


1Hakusen Waterfall, Rarumanai Waterfall, Sandan Waterfall

Hakusen Waterfall, Rarumanai Waterfall, Sandan Waterfall,The three falls in Eniwa Valley amongst the beautiful autumn leaves are definitely a must-see.

【Address】Sakuramori Eniwa, Hokkaido 061-1363
【TEL】+81 123-33-3131
【Average Visit Time】30minutes

28 minutes by car
Murakami Farm


2Murakami Farm

Visitors can experience milking cows, feeding baby calves, and making butter using fresh milk. Come in touch with the cows and bring home a unique farm experience memory.

【Period】March to November
【Business Hours】10:30~11:30, 13:00~14:00, 14:30~15:30
【Holidays】No Holidays
【Address】156 Toiso Eniwa-shi, Hokkaidō 061-1405
【TEL】+81 123-32-5093
【Price / Average Price】Elementary school students and under: 1,000yen Jr.HS student and above: 2,000yen feeding baby calves(option)500yen
【Average Visit Time】60 minutes

9 minutes by car
Michi to Kawa no Eki Hana Road Eniwa


3Road Side Station "Flower Road." Eniwa

The concept of this roadside rest area revolves around colorful flora, green landscapes, and fresh water. The "8760 Flower Road." shop offers many unique souvenirs made in Eniwa. Also, the popular "Karinba" bakery and "Conservatory" restaurant uses locally produced ingredients in their recipes.

【Period】January - December
【Business Hours】Summer 9:00~19:00(From April to October) Winter
  9:00~17:30(From November~March)
【Holidays】New Year's 12/31~1/2
【Address】817-18 Minamishimamatsu Eniwa-shi, Hokkaidō 061-1375
【Average Visit Time】30 minutes

11 minutes by car
Cafe Fukuza


4Cafe Fukuza

Café Fukuza is nestled in the heart of Hokkaido's nature, where visitors can relax on wooden furniture imported from Bali with a special blend of coffee in-hand. You can also enjoy our popular handmade dishes that use local ingredients, browse through unique goods from abroad, and discover one-off art works in a seasonal environment.

【Business Hours】10:00~18:00  Lunch 11:00~15:00
【Holidays】First Monday of every month, New Year's
【Address】6-12 Enami Eniwa-shi, Hokkaidō 061-1411
【Price / Average Price】Lunch 1,500yen

This is the end of the tour!

Watching Eniwa Tourism Videos  Active Version!

Stay active and have a blast with your family and friends in Eniwa!

Experience Course

"Rent a car at New Chitose Airport to start the beginning of your journey.
Freshly picked corn and asparagus from local farms early in the morning are juicy and rich in flavor.
In Ecorin Village, visitors can interact with alpacas and sheep as well as take a walk through huge gardens designed by world famous gardeners.
For lunch, you can enjoy a healthy menu of hydroponic-organic vegetables at a local restaurant.
Afterwards, experience horseback riding as you get in touch with nature along with the friendly horses."

Experience Course
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